Report on St. Clears Show May 18th 2013

IMG_0096 May the 18th dawned warm and fair for the annual St. Clears Show, organised in association with the St. Clear’s branch of the Young Farmers’ Club. The DSA attended as normal, and a very successful day it was too! the DSA marquee looked great, and had a variety of exhibits, including bee-keeping, a variety of plants for sale, woodland products, wool products, bantam hens, and  various information boards on what it is the DSA does.

There was a a lot of interest from prospective members, and it was also great to see some ex-members who want to join up again. The Association just missed out on the best stand award, we managed to get into a short list of 3 out of a total of 41 stands, before just being squeezed out of first place. Ah well, there’s always next year…

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave their time and effort. The DSA exists because of its members, and so it was great to see so many of you there to support the Association. Thank you all for a thoroughly enjoyable, and successful day.