June Meeting – Brian Jones from Carmarthenshire Beekeepers’ Association

bee-and-flowerAccording to the British Beekeepers’ Association, one in three mouthfuls that we eat is dependent on bee pollination. Unfortunately, bee numbers are in worldwide decline; in the UK alone, we’ve lost 50% of our native bee species in only 50 years. Why? Is it disease? Pesticides? Lack of habitat? Well despair not! The DSA can help, and Brian Jones from Carmarthenshire Beekeepers’ is going to tell us how. Our meeting this month is going to feature a talk on all things bees and bee-keeping, and should be a fascinating insight into the world of the apiarist. The talk will be on at the normal time and place; The Gremlin Club, Carmarthen, at 8:00 PM on Wednesday the 12th of June. Come along and find out how you can help our bees!