Report on Farm Walk, June 14

dsaglanffrwd4A good turnout of members enjoyed a very interesting few hours at Jon and Amanda Bayley’s holding, culminating in a very social lunch where everyone had lots to talk about. The farm walk had us all stretching our minds as to our level of knowledge or experience when it came to what best to do with very horse-sick wet land. Previous to Jon and Amanda purchasing the holding, there had been excessive amounts of ponies grazing along with nil grassland management and some very bad drainage work that had exacerbated rather than cured the problem.


Some of us suggested wildlife corriders, while others said graze with Dexters because they actually like eating rushes!! Others said wildflower meadow and another suggestion was grazing with lightweight (up to yearling size) youngstock- the only big drawback with that of course would be Liver Fluke.


I did notice a super amount of natural shelter though which is something my own place could do with more of. All in all, as you see, a good time was had by all. Thank you very much Jon and Amanda for showing us around your holding and for your second– to–none hospitality (and your exceptional cakes!!!), and I know this is echoed by all who attended.