August Events

Hi All, hope you’ve had a good July. Two events this month:

1. We’re back to our normal meeting schedule for August, and this month’s talk is by William Silverstone of Silverstone Green Energy in Narberth. This is what they say about themselves:

“Silverstone Green Energy are experts in conservation and renewable energy production, we can provide both advice and solutions on all aspects of home efficiency. Whether you want to reduce your energy usage to save money, reduce the impact of future energy price rises, or reduce your carbon footprint, call us to discuss how we can help.”

Given the environmental benefits, the price of domestic heating oil over the last few winters, and an opportunity to perhaps bring in some revenue, this could be a very interesting talk indeed!

Normal place and time, Gremlin Club, Carmarthen, 8.00 pm, Wednesday 14th August. See you there.

2. The second event is a Farm Walk at David & Holly Harries’ holding. This will take place on Sunday, 18th of August, and starts at 11:30 am. Full details are in your newsletter.