October Meeting

tywi centre logo As you all know, as well as providing shelter and boundaries, our hedges are a vitally important habitat for the wildlife on our holdings. But how good are YOUR hedges? What can you do to make them better? When should you cut them? What are the laws around hedges? If you don’t know the answer to some or all of these questions then fear not! This month’s talk on hedges and hedge-laying comes courtesy of Tom Duxbury, a Heritage Training Officer at the Tywi Centre in Llandeilo. According to their website: “The Tywi Centre is a heritage training and information centre based in Carmarthenshire. We provide traditional skills training, information and grants relevant to the built, natural and cultural heritage of Wales.” If you haven’t heard of the Tywi centre, or had a chance to look at their website, then you really should, they offer a great selection of training courses and events which are pretty well all of interest to smallholders, at very reasonable prices. the address is: www.tywicentre.org.uk The talk is at the normal time and place; The Gremlin Club, Carmarthen, at 8:00 PM on Wednesday the 9th of october. See you there!