Report On Christmas Social

The meeting in December was our Christmas Social. Attendance was down which was a little disappointing, (for those that didn’t turn up), as the communal table was overflowing with a scrumptious selection of quality food and much fun was had by all. Jon Bayley compiled a quiz for the evening which had us all digging deep into our brains for the answers, and the winner of the bottle of wine was Madge Pratt. Then the real excitement started…the Horse Racing!! Doug had made a fantastic racecourse and horses especially for the night, so big thanks to Doug, as this provided alot of fun for us all. Here are the results:-
RACE 1 Novices…… 1st Jim Mulvaney, 2nd Joan Allcock, 3rd Joan Hinds.
RACE 2 Hurdles……..1st Madge Pratt, 2nd Claire Beddoe, 3rd Joan Hinds.
RACE 3 Gremlin Club Steeplechase…….1st Amanda Bailey, 2nd Stephen Kirkwood, 3rd Liz Phillips.hr1