Report on faecal egg count workshop


This was held on Saturday 23rd November at Doug and Wendy,s holding in Henllan Amgoed. Peat Gleed held the workshop, bringing along microscopes and everything else necessary for us to examine the poo samples we had all brought. We looked at calf, sheep, goat, horse and even chicken poo samples. Nobody had a cause for concern with an overwhelming worm burden. The most common eggs to be seen were Strongyles, but none of us, it seemed needed to reach for the wormer on getting home.


It is important when doing these faecal egg counts that the samples are as fresh as possible ie. they are picked up as soon as excreted. Those that attended found it extremely interesting and big thanks go out to Peat for giving his time, expertise and equipment, and also to Doug and Wendy for providing us with a venue.

By Claire Beddoes