Time to get involved?

This year, there are a number of opportunities to get involved in the Association. Remember the DSA is what its members make it, so if you think you might be able to help out with any of these things, then please do get in touch with us. You can do this through the contact page.

1. Farm Walks. All of us tend to be a little bit nosey about how other people do things on their holdings, and the DSA farm walks are a great way to find out more. The process relies on members being good enough to host an event, but it’s easy, and something that each one of us can do. At this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Oh no, I don’t have anything to show other people.” or “The place is a tip! I’d be embarrassed for anyone else to see it!” Guess what: pretty much everyone of us feels like that. Our holdings tend to be works in very slow, painful progress. So don’t panic, all you have to do is provide tea and coffee, and let people have a look around. As well as being a change to meet other people, it can be a really useful opportunity for you to get some advice or ideas about what you could do with those tricky little problem areas that all of us have. So come on, why not? Host a farm walk for us!

2. Not going to hold a farm walk? Okay, how about a workshop? Right, we get the point. You don’t want to hold a farm walk. OK then, why not hold a workshop? Each one of us has different skills and abilities (Yes, this includes you), and it would be great if we could share them. Can you weld? Do you know about fencing? Pasture management? House renovation? Ditching? Streams? Conservation? You get the idea, if you’ve got a skill, and you’d like to help people learn about it, then let us know!

3. No Farm Walk? No Workshop? We have speakers on a variety of subjects at our meetings, but perhaps we don’t really make the most of our very knowledgeable members. If you’ve got a topic that you care about, or think should be raised then why not join in with our short talk evening? We’re planning a meeting where several members can tell us about a subject they’re passionate about, even if only for five minutes. So come on, get in touch!