Report on June meeting

June’s talk came from Terry Harrison and was on the subject of small farm equipment. Born in Whitland on a small farm he never wanted to go to school but was fascinated by machinery and now runs his own business supplying small farm , wood processing and ground maintenance kit. We were shown video clips of alpine tractors suitable for smallholdings. These machines are perfectly suited for operation on steep and rough land and can have 4 wheel drive and bi-directional steering where the seat and steering column may be faced forward or reverse to suit direction of travel. Available from 23 to 90 HP.

Suromer tractors come as flat packs with better instructions than Ikea. Available as 20 HP with switchable 4WD and capable of lifting big bale hay on its bespoke front loader and a new 35HP ready assembled model is now available. Priced at £6k and £8K. These machines are simple design so no need for a laptop to service them. Terry also supplies mini round balers and corresponding electric/petrol powered
wrappers. Back acters which mount on the three point linkage to make a mini digger and various small tractor toppers.

For firewood production there is a range of log-splitters driven by either electric,petrol or PTO. These are more sophisticated than British made splitters with features such as fast return rams. If you want to process tree trunks Terry has a range of timber processing machines.For ground maintenance we were shown a range of mowers from sit on brush cutters to posh mowers for bowling greens and golf greens. Also now coming on the market are rechargeable machines with the capacity for a days work